Living Libations - Everybody Loves the Sunshine Review + Competition!

Living Libations Review Everybody Loves The Sunshine Emily Chesher

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Once upon a time...
There was an elven goddess who lived by a lake in the woods, where she would create skincare potions from flowers, herbs, roots and resins.  When you used the products you had the feeling that you were capturing some of the ethereal glow that comes from plants, passion and sunshine. The elven goddess is Nadine Artemis and the botanical potions are her skincare line Living Libations. Some of the most divine organic and wildcrafted skin care I have had the pleasure of using. 

My thoughts
I have waited until I have only a few solemn squirts left in my lovely glass pump top bottle so that I can give you the most accurate review possible. So here are my thoughts:

I’m going to cut straight to the chase and say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using Everybody Loves the Sunshine, so much so that it’s going to become a staple in my routine now. For me, that sort of skincare monogamy is a big deal. 

Nadine writes so beautifully that I will let her description from the Living Libations website set the scene..

“Nourishment for sun-soaked skin: this organic formula uses the rich oils of the desert jojoba plant, virgin coco-creme, red raspberry seed oil, seabuckthorn berry oil, tamanu berry and essential oils of schizandra berry, immortelle, carrot seed, rose otto, cape-chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, lavender, turmeric, calendula and palmarosa as a cooling canopy to restore and adore your heavenly body with solar rays. So nourishing it is the deep drink your whole body has been thirsting for. This Beautiful formula harmonizes your time in the sun.”

Sounds just as dreamy as it is in real life.

I come from the land down under - Australia, where we are blessed with copious amounts of sunshine, and not so blessed with living under a compromised ozone layer, so skin damage in Australia is real. Not that I took any notice of that up until my early twenties. Being a beach bunny, it was a regular occurrence each summer that my friends and I would be burnt to a crisp. These days I turn to natural sunscreens to protect my skin from the harsh midday sun, so I was excited to try out Everybody Loves the Sunshine, as like most people I’m forever on the hunt for a holy grail sunscreen sans toxic skin damaging chemicals!

The ultimate test
It was the perfect time for me to be testing it as it was a hot Australian Christmas and we were staying in a secluded beach house with dry winds zipping about the sandhills behind us, salty air lashing our faces from the ocean in front, and the sun sizzling down from above.

Protective & nourishing
It was lovely knowing that the oil was nourishing and protective at the same time. Often when I apply sunscreens I don’t really have the confidence that they are benefitting the skin beneath, more that it’s simply sitting on top adding a layer of protection. With this oil it’s different. You feel like you are really treating your skin from the deepest layers and out to the surface protection.

living libations everybody loves the sunshine review emily chesherApplying the oil on to my arms out the front of our amazing beach house. It was totally secluded, the only foot prints on the sand were ours (besides a few snake and lizard prints!)

Application + Did it protect me? 
Every morning I would splash my face with water, and apply a generous amount of Everybody Loves the Sunshine. I would then brush my teeth while it soaked in, and apply a tinted BB cream which contains a non chemical spf 30 (I will be reviewing it soon, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you would like an update when it goes up).

For the uncovered areas on my body, I was happy to apply Everybody Loves the Sunshine on its own. I was already quite tanned and my skin had built up its own natural protection (thanks melanin!) I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any burning. I can imagine that using this oil would help to give a lovely even tan / glow to the skin and prolong the tan. Granted for the hours of the day that were particularly harsh I was either indoors or had a light shawl wrapped around my shoulders to give some extra protection.

Will it suit you?
During the cooler months I wouldn’t hesitate to use Everybody Loves the Sunshine on its own on my face without any extra sunscreen or BB cream on top. If you live somewhere with a less extreme climate I can imagine it would be perfect worn on its own all year round. If you do find the sun is quite harsh, or you have particularly sun sensitive skin, there is a version of Everybody Loves the Sunshine that includes zinc that will provide extra protection. I haven’t tried it myself however I have read great things about it. It may, like most natural sunscreens containing zinc, throw a subtle white cast to the skin, something I would happily take anyway over a chemical sunscreen, plus if it bothers you, it’s nothing a little mineral bronzer can’t fix.

Do you still need to moisturise?
I can’t see why anyone would need to put an extra moisturiser over the top as it feels luxuriously moisturising on its own, however for the sake of this review, I have tried it under moisturiser and it still sits really well. Even though it's an oil I haven’t found it to cause a greasy feel or look to my skin.

Did it break me out?
I'm happy to say that it didn’t cause any break outs. I have highly sensitive skin that will break out over the tiniest disruption and it has been perfectly fine, I’ve not had any sensitivity, pimples, or stinging. Instead it left my skin feeling soothed and happy.

Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine Review Emily Chesher

How does it smell?
The fragrance of Everybody Loves the Sunshine is divine. it contains a dreamy bouquet of pure essential oils: schizandra berry, immortelle, carrot seed, rose otto, cape-chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, lavender, turmeric, calendula and palmarosa.

So how does it smell? One moment while I run to the bathroom to grab the bottle. OK, I’ve been sitting here with my eyes closed smelling it for a while now and I’m seeing a field of yellow flowers bathed in sunshine. I just asked my boyfriend to smell it and tell me if my description was accurate, with one super quick bloke sniff (why do guys never seem to take a nice big smell in!? It always seems so quick and semi-horrified!) anyhow he said it didn’t smell like a field of yellow flowers at all, and that it was more of a wet rainforest smell, like it may smell when you stand behind a waterfall with rocks behind you, water cascading in front and lush green ferns all around. Sounds lovely, but I'm not smelling it...

Now upon smelling it again I’m still seeing the colour yellow, this time I’m smelling honey with a slight hint of wattle and lemon myrtle, it doesn’t contain any of those things so I think I'll quietly tip toe away from this section...

Rest assured the scent is utterly divine and it's an absolute treat to put it on each day. I really look forward to it, and enjoy the scent so much that I even apply it at night when the sun is sleeping.

How does it sit under makeup / primer?
It sits perfectly well under makeup. We are in Autumn now and I have the tiniest amount left in my bottle (cry!) and as I type this I have it on my face neck and décolletage underneath a mineral primer and BB cream. It feels and looks great. No oiliness, no dry spots. 

So in summary, it smells beautiful, feels lovely on the skin, didn’t cause my skin to break out, didn’t leave my skin looking or feeling greasy, and gave my skin some much appreciated protection. A big thumbs up from me. Thanks Nadine for creating such beautiful pure products that are backed with integrity. 

living libations competition

Bestie Giveaway!
I have two bottles of this magical golden elixir to give away! One for you and one for your bestie! (think bestie, mum, sister, hubby, wife - anyone you love and think would appreciate some organic skincare loving! This comp is worldwide. 

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If you would like to check out Everybody Loves the Sunshine or any other divine Living Libation skincare goodies, you can visit the website here: Living Libations

With love and sunshine,

Emily x

living libations review emily chesher