Lose Weight Naturally With No Diets!

You're not alone. If there is a question that I get asked about on a daily basis, its weight loss. So many people are struggling silently everyday with their weight, and it can have a negative impact on all areas of life, from personal and intimate relationships, to relationships with our friends and family, and most importantly our relationship with ourselves.
When I wrote my book ‘Cellulite Can Kiss My Butt’I spent so much time and energy writing the chapter on healing our emotions as I believe that this is what lays at the basis of every healthy body. To have a long standing positive effect on our physical body we need to start with the heart and mind first, as this lays a solid foundation for us to work upon.
If we don’t have this foundation of peace of mind and self love to begin with, everything else will be near impossible to maintain, it will be a shaky flimsy foundation that we may never truly feel stable upon and we can enter in to ‘yoyo territory’ where our weight fluctuates along with our emotions, and we can become stuck in the exhausting roller coaster ride of guilt and confusion when it comes to eating.
Keep it simple. Our bodies are really not all that demanding, they just want a couple of things, love and healthy food to keep us kicking. It’s amazing how we can get these two simple things so confused and upside down and inside out. So I have made this video in the hope to speak up for our bodies, let them be heard, loved, cherished and nourished.
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With love,
Emily x