DIY Natural Tea Self Tanning Spray

I grew up in a small coastal town with sand between my toes and the sun on my skin, so when I moved to the city and didn’t have the same easy access to the beach, I lost my bronze glow and turned to using self tanners.
This was going back about ten years ago when organic and natural skincare was a rarity. I would have the occasional spray tan for special occasions and the rest of the time I smothered my poor skin in fake tan, totally unaware of the nasties that it contained.
These days I’m well and truly back to getting my glow from the original and the best source – the sunshine! If you havent watched my video on safe tanning and the healing benefits of the sun you may like to check out my video on the subject by clicking here.
If it’s winter and the sun is nowhere to be found, you may like to try this totally natural DIY self tanner. It is so simple and cheap to make and best of all you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin!
Does it smell?
Well it doesn’t smell half as bad as a regular self tanner that’s for sure! The only scent it has is from the coffee, so if you would prefer it to have no smell at all, simply skip the coffee, the tea is the real star ingredient in this mix so it really won’t be making a huge difference to the end result.
How long does it take to develop?
There is no developing time with this tanner as it stains the skin instead of creating a chemical reaction that develops over a few hours.
Can I get dressed after applying it? 
Sure, however to be on the safe side I wouldn’t recommend wearing white.
How long does it last for? 
Being a stain it doesn’t have the greatest lasting power. On me it tends to last from 1 – 3 days gradually fading out from day 2.
Do I need to use any particular tea bags or coffee? 
Nope, any black tea bags or coffee will do. If you want to keep it organic though, obviously choose organic.
Can I put it on my face? 
Yes, it is fine to use on your face however if you have sensitive skin please do a patch test first just to be on the safe side.
I share the recipe in the video above. Enjoy and if you have any friends or family that are fake-tan-aholics, go ahead and click the share button so they can give this natural option a try! 
Emily x