The Benefits of Rebounding & Why I Love My Bellicon

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I first purchased my Bellicon rebounder when I was living in Berlin. The winters were painfully (quite literally painfully!) cold, unlike anything I had ever experienced back in Australia. To get out of the house and to the gym required me shaking free of my mid winter vitamin D depleted slump and pulling on about 10 different layers. By the time I’d get outside I felt like a huge billowing marshmallow man, and my initial thought of catching the train then walking in the freezing cold across town to  get to the gym, was quickly overtaken by the thought that popping next door for a hot chocolate.. 
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Gotta move your lymph! All of the sitting and eating heavier foods (I was in germany so think bread and more bread plus cakes and more cakes, tut tut you may, but hey you go and live in Germany in the middle of winter and tell me you’re happy living on smoothies and salads! ? )  I knew that I had to move my body and get a sweat up to boost my immune system, mood, general well being and to keep my skin and eyes bright. So I decided to invest in a quality rebounder so I could stay warm indoors in the comfort of my home. As I was living in Germany, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was in the birthplace of the highly revered Bellicon, so my decision was easily made and I excitedly waited for my large flat parcel to arrive.
The Bellicon was easy to assemble and within 30 minutes of the parcel arriving I had my music playing loud and I was jumping like a mad woman! My body was in shock as for the first time in it’s winter hibernation (around 1 month to be exact) I was building up a sweat, my lungs were working hard and I was getting fresh oxygen to my eager cells. After having the Bellicon for a week I had devised a couple of workouts tailored to my needs. One was to get an intense cardio workout and get a sweat going and the other was to tone specific areas of my body, namely the butt and thighs, as both had become a little too accustomed to the couch!
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If you would like to know exactly what rebounder I am using, or if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself click HERE to go directly to the site where I purchased mine (this site is based in the US, and ships all through the United States plus ships internationally at a great price!)
Which Bellicon do I have? 
screw in legs (though If I was to purchase a new Bellicon I think I would opt for the folding legs so I could take it with me when I travel) 
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Health Benefits of Rebounding 
• 20 minutes of rebounding = 1 hour of running
• Easy on the bones and joints
• Strengthens the heart muscle
• Brilliant body detoxification by moving the lymphatic system
• Brilliant body detoxification by sweating out toxins
• Muscle tone
• Perfect for busy stay at home mums and dads
• Great if you work from home and want to stretch your legs every half hour
• Oxygenates the blood giving a fresh complexion
• Cellulite reduction
My tailored workouts worked so well for me that I’m going to film and share them with you soon. If you haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel you may like to do so by clicking here so you can be notified as soon as they are uploaded (they will of course, be completely free!).
In the meantime you can check out this video where I show my Bellicon and give some of my top tips for rebounding and why it’s so beneficial for your health and vitality.
Happy bouncing, 
Emily x