5 minute interval training bellicon workout video

Over two years ago, while I was living in Germany in the thick of winter, I was relying on rebounding on my bellicon to get some fitness into my days without needing to face the freezing cold outside! I decided to share a video while bouncing on my rebounder, and nearly 300 thousand views on YouTube later, I have decided to start sharing some of my favorite rebounding workouts with you, as it turns out I'm not alone in my rebounding obsession! ;) 

This workout will only take you 5 minutes, making it super easy to fit into your day. I think it's the perfect morning workout as it will wake up your body, get your cardiovascular and lymphatic system going and boost your metabolism while you're at it! And best of all you can have it over and done with all in the time that it took for the kettle to boil and rub your morning eyes! 

Off course this shouldn't be the only exercise you do all day. If you can add a good 40 minute walk or jog in that would be optimal. 

If you are new to rebounding or your level of fitness is still quite low, I recommend doing a simple gentle bounce for 5 minutes and gradually work your way up to the interval training shown in this video. 

Happy bouncing! 

Emily x

PS / If you would like to know more info about my rebounder, why I chose it and it's dimensions etc click here