Ethical Fashion - & Arnhem Clothing

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I'd like to start by making it clear that I'm far from perfect. While I'd like to be able to say that my wardrobe looks like one of those Instagram white washed antique cupboards with one door elegantly slung open to reveal a cornucopia of delicate lace, sun bleached linens, and handmade cotton knits The reality is that I have a manic closet full of brands ranging from Nike to H&M.

I tend to be one of those shoppers whos eyes are bigger than their belly - I get caught up in the rush of the fit, colour or feel of an item and often I'll come home after buying something and have it dawn on me that the fabrics aren't natural or maybe the brand doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to business practices. HOWEVER sometimes I discover that my favorite dress or pair of shoes not only look cute - but have a lovely story of kindness behind them, that's when I get excited and want to tell everyone that comes within a metre of me, and in the virtual world your approximately just 60 cm away from the screen, soooo..

I stumbled upon one rainy day when I was half asleep and crest fallen from trawling non leather shoe websites, I had a simple task at hand, to find some cruelty free boots, sounds simple enough right? Well if your a bit of a fuss pot like me then it's an almost impossible task, it seemed like to go leather free you also needed to go style and good fit free - I found this hard to swallow.

Finally my incessant google searching landed me at when I looked through the shoes I had to double check that they weren't made from leather as the craftsmanship was amazing. I ended up finding the perfect boots, a solid heel but still comfy enough to wear all day, and a pair of platform heels that are so pretty I have them sitting out of their box in my bedroom as an ornament!

vegan shoes heels

vegan boots shoes

The second item is a dress by Arnhem Clothing. It feels amazing thanks to its natural fibres and the print so is so gorgeous, I was so in love with my first dress that I hunted down the same style in a different colour on eBay! (see purple version in the YouTube video attached) There's a cute blog on the Arnhem website where you can find out about their ethical business practices.

arnhem clothing dress ethical fashion

If you'd like to see the ethical fashion goodies in action you can click here to watch my latest YouTube video or click play on the video above. :) 

I would love to hear if you have any favorite ethical fashion sites or brands? If so I would love if you would leave a comment on my ethical fashion post on my facebook page or on my YouTube channel. I'm always keen to check new ethical goodies out!


Emily x