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5 minute interval training bellicon workout video

Over two years ago, while I was living in Germany in the thick of winter, I was relying on rebounding on my bellicon to get some fitness into my days without needing to face the freezing cold outside! I decided to share a video while bouncing on my rebounder, and nearly 300 thousand views on YouTube later, I have decided to start sharing some of my favorite rebounding workouts with you, as it turns out I'm not alone in my rebounding obsession! ;) This workout will only take you 5 minutes, making it super easy to fit into your day. I think it's the perfect morning workout as it will wake up your body, get your cardiovascular and lymphatic system going and...

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The Benefits of Rebounding & Why I Love My Bellicon

I first purchased my Bellicon rebounder when I was living in Berlin. The winters were painfully (quite literally painfully!) cold, unlike anything I had ever experienced back in Australia. To get out of the house and to the gym required me shaking free of my mid winter vitamin D depleted slump and pulling on about 10 different layers. By the time I’d get outside I felt like a huge billowing marshmallow man, and my initial thought of catching the train then walking in the freezing cold across town to  get to the gym, was quickly overtaken by the thought that popping next door for a hot chocolate..  Gotta move your lymph! All of the sitting and eating heavier foods (I was in...

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