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Living Libations - Everybody Loves the Sunshine Review + Competition!

GiveawayLike to win a bottle of Everybody Loves the Sunshine? See competition details at the end of this post. Once upon a time...There was an elven goddess who lived by a lake in the woods, where she would create skincare potions from flowers, herbs, roots and resins.  When you used the products you had the feeling that you were capturing some of the ethereal glow that comes from plants, passion and sunshine. The elven goddess is Nadine Artemis and the botanical potions are her skincare line Living Libations. Some of the most divine organic and wildcrafted skin care I have had the pleasure of using.  My thoughtsI have waited until I have only a few solemn squirts left in my lovely...

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How To Grow Long Healthy Hair

I hardly ever go to the hairdresser, maybe once per year when it starts to get to long to handle. Most of the time I cut and highlight my hair myself. Over the years I have learnt what works best for me, and while I may not end up with the most polished look, for the time and money I save, Im happy :) And let's be honest here, I'm not pedantic about my hair, I'm lucky if I brush it! And this somewhat lazy attitude to my hair has rewarded me with healthy shiny locks as it means I hardly ever use heat styling tools - a perfect yet somewhat unkempt win win!  You CAN Have Long Healthy Hair! There...

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