My Top 5 Natural Sunscreens

Being Australian and beach obsessed, I know a thing or two about the sun! Both how beautiful and life giving it is, and also how damaging it can be if we don't respect the symbiotic relationship between us and its warm rays. 

natural sunscreen review               Summer in my home town South Australia

Our amazingly intelligent bodies are designed to soak up the warm rays of sunshine, to provide us with health giving vitamin D (aka the sunshine vitamin) and to provide light to our eyes to help to regulate our mood and sleep cycles, and also to keep our skin and hair clean and bacteria free. 

Personally during the warmer months I like to bathe my body in the sunshine for around 15 - 20 minutes per day. When coming out of winter, and my body has been sheltered from the sun and I have lost my tan, I gradually make my way back in to the sunshine by building up to that 20 minutes, starting with around ten minutes in the sun, 5 minutes on my front and 5 on the back, and as my skin builds up a gradual tan / natural protection, I then enjoy my 20 minutes. 

natural sunscreen review organic sunscreen               Soaking up some scattered rays in Turkey SO beautiful there.

I'm able to get the most from my time in the sunshine as I lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle, and enjoy a plant based diet, providing my body with plentiful amounts of skin loving and protecting antioxidants that act as an 'internal sunscreen'. If you usually slather your skin in chemical sunscreens and / or eat a diet high in processed foods you may find that you burn quickly in the sun, so I would suggest that you start including more organic fruits and vegetables into your diet and change over to a chemical free natural sunscreen so your skin can start to work with the sunshine instead of against it.

Between 11 and 3 pm when the suns rays are at their strongest, it is of-course sensible to add some protection to your skin if you are planning on being outside for any great amount of time. Think a hat, a light shawl for over your shoulders and neck area, and for your limbs and face a natural sunscreen - free from toxic chemicals and additives. 

I like to use a seperate sunscreen for my face and body. 
For my face I prefer a lighter texture that is totally invisible and not to heavy and greasy, as my skin is prone to breakouts. I also tend to go for the highest qaulity sunscreens for my face and they tend to be quite expensive, certainly not something I want to be slathering all over my body. That's why I choose more basic cost effective natural body sunscreens, that have a heavier somewhat greasy texture, as the skin on my body loves the extra nourishment. 

As always all products mentioned are natural and cruelty free. :) 

Living Libations - Everybody Loves The Sunshine 
I have written a detailed review of my love affair with this divine oil, which you can read by clicking here. I'll let the beautiful creator of this product Nadine Artemis describe it for you - 

“Nourishment for sun-soaked skin: this organic formula uses the rich oils of the desert jojoba plant, virgin coco-creme, red raspberry seed oil, seabuckthorn berry oil, tamanu berry and essential oils of schizandra berry, immortelle, carrot seed, rose otto, cape-chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, lavender, turmeric, calendula and palmarosa as a cooling canopy to restore and adore your heavenly body with solar rays. So nourishing it is the deep drink your whole body has been thirsting for. This Beautiful formula harmonizes your time in the sun.”

Sounds dreamy doesn't it...and it is. If you have watched my natural sunscreens video on youtube you would have heard me say how I cant bring my self to use the last couple of pumps of this oil as it smells so gorgeous and brings back lovely memories of my last summer when I looked forward to applying it each day to my face neck and chest. 

As the ingredients are of such high qaulity and standard the cost is higher, so I recommend this as a natural sunscreen for the face, neck and shoulders - though if you want to be a little more fancy free when it comes to the cost, it does give a glorious glow and scent when applied to the arms and legs also. 

If you live in a climate where the sun is extra strong (like it is here in Australia!) You may like to use the version that includes zinc for some extra protection. 

Scent: Absolutely lovely, my favourite scent of any natural sunscreen I've tried to date. A beautiful blend of summery scented natural plant oils. That was half of the fun of applying it, as it's such a beautiful scent to start your morning skin routine with! 

Breakouts: None at all, my skin was very happy, it feels nourishing and I didn't require any other moisturiser on top. Unlike other sunscreens it didn't leave my skin feeling coated or sticky. 

White cast: None at all, if you choose to go with the zinc version you may notice a slight white cast depending how much you apply. 

Sticky: Not at all, it is a light oil that soaks in to the skin leaving it feeling nourished.

living libations everybody loves the sunshine review natural sunscreen review the top 5 natural sunscreens

Antipodes Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturiser
If you're on the look out for a light fresh face moisturiser that feels nothing like a sunscreen, then you may adore this one.  I have gone through 4 tubes of this cream, and thats a rare thing for me considering that I'm constantly trying out new natural skincare products for my YouTube channel and blog. 

I love this cream because it feels so lovely, light and fresh on the skin, and it leaves zero white cast. It applies beautifully under make up and doesn't irritate the skin in any way. 
Again, I tend to use this one for my face, neck and chest area as it would burn through the $$ if I was to use it all over the body. 

It contains a impressive list of ingredients that not only protect the skin, but also provide skin brightening benefits thanks to the Antipodes star ingredient 'Vinanza Performance Plus' that can be found in most of their skincare products . 

Scent: Very subtle, light and fresh, causing zero irritation. 

Breakouts: None, and I have used this product all year round. Very impressive. 

White cast: None 

Sticky: Not at all, it's super light and soaks right in to the skin.
antipodes immortal natural sunscreen review natural organic sunscreen review

Green Foot Mama Organic Sun SPF 15
This all natural sunscreen smells of raw chocolate and lavender, so no need to worry about the usual ho-hum sunscreen scent, this one is decadently divine! I'm in love with the pure skin loving ingredients, from coconut oil, to shea butter, raw cocoa powder and essential oils, it is lovingly hand made by - as her business name suggests, a green foot mumma who cares about us and the planet. 

Being an oil based balm this is deeply nourishing and melts in to the skin. 

I like to use this one as a body sunscreen, it gives a lovely glow to the limbs and it also doubles as a beautiful after sun skin conditioner. 

Scent: chocolate and lavender....yum!

Breakouts: Nope, none.

White cast: Very subtle white cast, but as with any balm, once you melt it in to your skin it soaks in and disappears. Just be sure to warm it up and work it in to your skin as you would with any other moisturising skin balm. 

Sticky: No stickiness, being a thicker oil based balm it will definitely leave your skin feeling super nourished. If you have particularly oily skin you may like to use this one on the body and use a lighter sunscreen on the face.
green foot mama organic sun balm review natural sunscreen review

Soleo Organics 30+
I enjoy using this organic sunscreen on my body, as it offers a high protection and tends to stay on well even after a quick dip in the ocean (though - you know the drill - it's best to reapply after swimming yadda yadda...) Like most natural sunscreens that are suitable for the body it has a slightly thicker consistency, however I think that this is necessary as we don't want it to wash away with any sweat, water or wear throughout the day.

One thing that I did notice is that they list "vegetable oil" as an ingredient, I'm always somewhat dubious about any product that doesn't name the exact oil that is being used, as it could be canola oil which is quite toxic to the body. I will be sending the company an email and will update this blog as soon as I hear back. 

Scent: No defining scent to this one, just the typical somewhat earthy and pleasant natural sunscreen scent. 

Breakouts: I didn't apply it to my face, so I'm not certain. 

White cast:  Considering that it contains zinc, I was surprised that it didn't leave a white cast once rubbed in to the skin. 
organic sunscreen review soleo

Alba Very Emollient Sunscreen Mineral Protection, Fragrance Free SPF 30
I think this is the winner for a well priced full body sunscreen. The price is good, the protection is high, its great for the whole family and it's natural. It can leave a slight white cast, so if you are after a totally invisible sunscreen this may not be for you, however if you would like something economical that will do the job really well and protect the whole family then I think it's a fantastic choice. 

Scent: No strong scent, just a pleasant natural subtle scent. 

Breakouts: I didn't apply it to my face, so I'm not certain. 

White cast:  Some white cast. 

 natural sunscreen review alba
Here's to plenty of safe sun soaking and beautiful days outside in nature! 


Emily x 

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