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The Benefits of Rebounding & Why I Love My Bellicon

I first purchased my Bellicon rebounder when I was living in Berlin. The winters were painfully (quite literally painfully!) cold, unlike anything I had ever experienced back in Australia. To get out of the house and to the gym required me shaking free of my mid winter vitamin D depleted slump and pulling on about 10 different layers. By the time I’d get outside I felt like a huge billowing marshmallow man, and my initial thought of catching the train then walking in the freezing cold across town to  get to the gym, was quickly overtaken by the thought that popping next door for a hot chocolate..  Gotta move your lymph! All of the sitting and eating heavier foods (I was in...

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VLOG #1 Hiking - Alpacas & Bikinis!

Oh how I love vlogs! I could sit and watch other peoples lives on a screen all day, so I thought it might be nice to share a little more of my personal world with you in a more 3D format. It's the little seemingly simple things that can spark inspiration in each other, like seeing someone make their morning juice, or save a little bug from being crunched, to legging it up over a hill. I hope you can capture a glimpse of inspiration from my vlogs as you watch them. Let me know in the comment section on the video if you would like to see them on a more regular basis.

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Heat Free Waves - No Damage!

  It’s November which means Scorpios are celebrating their time to shine as it's our birth month (we tend to hang out in the shadows this is a rare thing for us and we lap it up!) as are the the Victoria’s Secret angels who go into preening and primping overdrive for the big show! To coincide with the lingerie hysteria I start getting daily hair and workout video requests that are tied into different Victorias Secret models. The most popular question is  “How do I get the bombshell-esque waves without damaging my hair with heat?” So I’m sharing one of my favorite heat free hairstyles. While it may not transform you into Candice Swanepoel, it will give your hair plenty...

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