Bellicon Rebounder

Bellicon Rebounder

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If you have watched my YouTube videos or read my eBook ‘Cellulite Can Kiss My Butt!’ You would know that I’m a huge fan of rebounding.

I first discovered bellicon when I was living in a freezing cold climate (hello German winter! I’m looking at you!) and there were days where it just felt far to cold and slippery to head out for a jog in the snow.

bellicon review


I wanted something that was cheaper and more travel friendly than a treadmill, that would give me a cardio workout, get my lymph moving and create a sweat without needing to leave the house. This is when I discovered rebounding.


When it comes to making an investment in to my health I become a little obsessed with doing the research! I think I’ve read every single bellicon review, cellerciser review, jumpsport review and lymphesizer review on the internet.


 There seemed to be a plethora of fake reviews, so I looked at people that I know and trust in the health and fitness field to see what they were using, and it was always bellicon. My choice was easy.


My bellicon takes pride of place in my living room. This way I can get a work out in while I’m watching YouTube videos, listening to music, or having a super charged 2 minute bounce before I ‘bounce’ out the door in the mornings.

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 bellicon review

bellicon review

bellicon discount

bellicon discount

bellicon workout

why bellicon

bellicon review

My stats: To help with the following information, my height is 172cm and my weight is aprox 125lbs.

This really comes down to your personal style. Both the classic and the premium are top quality and there isn’t a difference in the ‘bounce’.

If you want it to be an elegant fixture in your home, then you may enjoy investing in the premium as it is beautiful in all its stainless steel scratch free glory!
I have the classic and the quality is superb and will no doubt be going strong for years to come.

I must admit though that if the premium was available back when I ordered mine I would have gone with it over the classic, for two reasons:

1: I like to leave my bellicon on show in the living room, so the prettier the better I say! The stainless steel finish looks chic and blends in with the surrounds beautifully.

bellicon workout style

2: When it comes to exercise and health equipment I prefer to go with the premium item, whether it’s a blender (hello Vitamix) food (organic!) skincare (pure wild crafted oils)

classic or premium bellicon



The bellicon Classic has an elegant black, glossy, powder-coated finish and has been designed for years of reliable service.


The bellicon premium has a stainless steel finish, which gives it a beautiful, timeless look and protects it from scratches. It has a high-tech inner thread where the legs meet the frame, making the join firmer and more durable than the already exceptional regular legs. This frame is also largely anti-septic and therefore suitable for clinical practices and hospital use.


bellicon review

I have the classic 44 inch as I find this to be the most convenient size, I’m not alone because it’s the most popular bellicon size.

It’s large enough to be able to enjoy doing all of the moves in my training routines, and still compact enough to sit in my lounge or bedroom without getting in the way.

The larger mat size may be better for you if you are particularly tall or if you would like to get some extra wide moves / squats in.

If you’re a frequent traveler and want your bellicon to go on adventures with you, you may prefer to chose the smallest size (39”) as it’s the most compact and travel friendly of the bunch.

bellicon size

bungee strength bellicon

bellicon review

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I have the orange mat with the black bungee, though I do have my eye on the hot pink bungee cords as they look so cute!
There are 6 mat colors to choose from. Click here to see all choices or to start configuring your own bellicon now.

bellicon review

I suggest choosing a color that matches your personality or décor so you feel happy leaving it out on display, the more visible it is the more you will be inclined to jump on there!
Have a play around with the different color combos on this page, it will show you the end result. The blue bungee color is my second favorite, it’s a stunning corn flower shade.


This is my dream bellicon color combo :) (don’t tell my lovely orange one, I don’t want him to get jealous!)

bellicon premium review

bellicon review

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fold leg review bellicon

I have the screw in legs, which suits me fine as I like to leave my bellicon out in the living area.

leg options fold up review bellicon

If you would prefer to put it away under your bead or in a cupboard, you may prefer to go with the foldup legs. From what I have heard they are both much of a muchness, the quality of bellicon is so high with it’s German engineering, that it’s not like having fold up legs will cause it to be shaky.

They are both totally secure and of super high quality.

bellicon review

rebounding for health

As a certified health coach and the author of ‘Cellulite Can Kiss My Butt!’, I’m telling people time and time again to ‘move your lymph!’ move it or lose it really does ring true.

I discuss the lymphatic system and further health benefits of rebounding in the video below.

comparing brands bellicon review

This is one of the first questions that I personally researched when I was on the look out for a rebounder. I was pretty clueless about mini trampolines and thought I could easily find a high quality rebounder for under $200, I had no idea that there was such an ocean of brands with differing quality and prices.

If you want a rebounder that is top of the range, super high quality with great customer service, that isn’t going to make horrible metal spring sounds when you bounce, and isn’t going to shuffle about the floor, then I would recommend a bellicon.


The below video demonstrates the difference between the super stable bellicon alongside other popular rebounder brands.

bellicon payment plan

Fortunately, there is an option for a payment plan!
Simply click the gorgeous pink bellicon above to find out more.

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bellicon review

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